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Teaching Methodology

The aim of the Institute is to develop it as a center of excellence in hospitality education, training its students to use multiple approaches to comprehend the nature of the hotel business and learn to work in cohesive manner in a team for achieving the objective of the industry.
The students are trained to use various approaches to analyze the industry and the competition in depth. They are groomed to industry norms. Different methods of teaching have been adopted for training such as case studies, lectures, seminars, group discussions, presentations, role playing etc and we prepare them as managers with path finding qualities and help them to become go-getters with objective decision making capabilities.
From the very beginning, students are sent for in-house training at our hotels and convention center to have the basic idea of operations in hotels.
The professional teaching methodology comprises of study through presentations made with LCD Projector and other training aids. Apart from class lectures, students have the facility to download study material from computers which enables faculty to interact with them to ensure better time management.

Soft skills and personality Development

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment.

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Industrial Training

DSHM offers its students various opportunities for hands on experience and exposure in live situations through following programs:

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