Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management

Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management

The importance of obtaining a Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management cannot be understated. By dedicating yourself to this field, you will learn about all the major departments in the hotel industry as well as gain a better understanding of the Hospitality industry as a whole. Although getting a Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management is not overly difficult, it does require dedication, hard work, and a commitment to your chosen field. The skills needed for success in Hospitality & Hotel Management can be obtained by taking courses at a college specializing in this field, such as the Hotel Management College in Jaipur.

WHAT IS Hospitality & Hotel Management AND COURSE STRUCTURE?

A Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma that prepares you for a career as a Hotel manager. Most housekeeping management degrees are bachelor’s degrees, so they will prepare you for a career either in the hotel industry or in managing a hotel or motel. Most important of all, you’ll have to put in the effort to prove yourself as a Hotelmanager. Applicant’s jobs are often expected to attend at least two hotelmanagement classes before they’re hired. In most cases, the degree program will include experiential learning such as doing real-world job experiences or working in a hotel or motel. The course: The syllabus in broader view:
1. Basics of Hotel and Hospitality
2. Preparation for tourism and hospitality sector work
3. Roles and Responsibilities
4. Room management
5. Cleaning and reporting any safety hazard
6. Details about the hotel
7. Turn down services
8. Placing of room Amenities
9. Customer care services and guest care


Eligibility Criteria, Duration and Fees Structure

At DSHM Jaipur, to pursue a Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management course, the following criteria must be met:
- All enrolled students must successfully complete the 10+2 examination.
- The country of origin of the students must be Indian.
- Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management is a One year course
Fees Structure:
- Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management has one time fees of INR 75,000/-


Outcome and Jobs after Diploma inHospitality & Hotel Management

This course enables students to develop their communication skills. The best way to develop a personality is by attending this course. The job of a Hospitality & Hotel Managementemployee is crucial in hotel and hospitality management careers. Hotel Manager, Operations Manager, After completing a housekeeping job, students may take on a variety of jobs such as housekeeping Manager, Hotel Manager, Operations Manager,. The Hotel industry is a very large segment, so housekeeping staff is always in demand. Starting from INR 90,000 to INR 6, 00,000 per year, even a Diploma Hospitality & Hotel Managementwork is excellent.

Step-by-step Guide on how to Apply for a Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management

Now that you have a bachelor’s degree and a career path planned, it’s time to get your application process underway. You can start by going through the application process at the school you’re going to be attending. Look for career services or apply online at websites like Careers.com and Indeed.com. Once you’ve applied, it’s time to research the various on- and off-campus jobs searching websites. Be sure to look for jobs that are in your field. Apply for jobs in your area that are job postings, not open jobs. This will help you avoid missions and stay on top of what’s happening in the job market. After you’ve applied, it’s time to start your search for jobs. There are many websites that can help you with this. Be sure to search for jobs by location, job title, and industry. Be flexible in how you look for jobs because you never know if a job posting will come up when you search by location.

At DSHM Jaipur, The application process is the quickest and easiest one. It is through our contact page that you can apply for a Diploma in Hotel Management, even if you're unable to take the exam. For DSHM Jaipur, here are the steps:
1. Go to DSHM's Website - https://www.dshmjaipur.com -> Go to Connect page
2. Enter your details in the application form
3. Pay the DSHM Hotel Management Application Fee, for the same the DSHM team will connect you
4. For further details will be instructed by the college, else please connect the college.



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