Ms. Jyoti Arora

Principal's Message

Its a immense pleasure in inviting you to take a career in Hotel/Service industry with endless employment opportunities especially after completing your course from our world class college.

On this note, let me encourage you on choosing hospitality management as a career. Hospitality is a rapidly growing industry that requires trained professionals. However, in order to be successful in this profession you need to have relevant training and industry specific skills.DSHM has an advantage as it exposes the students to its hotels, to impart practical training through innovative methodologies.

Career in Hospitality offers you a challenge, variety and advancement, also the opportunity to see the world while you earn a comfortable living. A career in hospitality management could offer you a high degree of professional success and personal fulfillment.

We at Dangayach School of Hotel Management welcome the hospitality aspirants with open arms, as you are going to be the part of a dynamic and fruitful industry which will open up many avenues for you so you can be very successful in your life.

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