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Career Paths: Where can a Front Office Diploma take you?

The hotel and hospitality industry has made the global market head turn with its tremendous growth in recent years. According to data, the global hotel industry contributes $3.4 trillion to economic revenue. Indian hotel industry contribution was estimated to be $ 1.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2020 to 2027.

This remarkable development of the hotel industry has created enormous front office position vacancies. Beyond this statistics state that around 76% of business establishments possess a front office team for the well-being of their business.

So, now it is time to pursue a front office diploma and make a great stable career.

What is Front Office Diploma?

The diploma in Front Office Management is a 1-year course that offers exclusive training in various aspects of front office operations such as guest handling, hospitality management, customer service, etc that are considered vital for the successful establishment of company-consumer relationships.

We at Dangayach School of Hotel Management offer front office diploma courses with remarkable educational standards.

Front Office Diploma Course at Dangayach School of Hotel Management:

Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a hotel management diploma in front office at Dangayach School of Hotel Management are as follows:
  • Candidates applying should be of Indian origin.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 at any recognised educational institution.
Admission Procedure Admission to the Front Office Diploma at Dangayach School of Hotel Management is offered based on the candidates’ score of 10+2.
Course Fee The course fee for the Diploma in Front Office course at Dangayach School of Hotel Management is INR 50,000 which is a one-time fee for the 1-year course.
Syllabus Diploma in Front Office Management Syllabus includes the following topics:
  • Basics of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry
  • Preparation for tourism and hospitality sector
  • Front Office Roles and Responsibilities
  • Reservation
  • Reception
  • Accounts and Billing
  • Business Communications
  • Computer Applications

With all ideas about the requirements for diploma in front office management, let us get to know about the scope of front office management and its career pathways.

Scope for Front Office Management Diploma:

As front office is the first-hand place that holds a great play in impressing and roping in customers and clients in the hotel and hospitality industry and even other businesses, there is a great scope for graduates with front office diploma.

Take a look at the graph depicting the major employment sides for front office professionals. The hotels and resorts sector is the dominant employment site for front-office executives.

employment opportunities for front office professionals

Front office professionals are hired for decent pay scales ranging from INR 3 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA in the fresher stage. Further on with experience, the salary scale goes up to INR 7-8 LPA in various industries.

Front Office Professionals also enjoy better salary increments in India at a rate of 11% every 17 months.

Average Salary Increment in India

Career Paths after a Front Office Diploma:

There is a wide range of career options that are available after the Front Office Diploma. Not just the front office manager role, but also many other roles which are detailed below.

Front Office Manager:

The Front Office Manager is the role that is involved in handling the first-hand services of any business such as customer service, guest welcoming, and much more.

With experience and additional skills, you could move into a management role overseeing the front office operations. This may involve managing staff, handling customer relations, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the reception or front desk.

Guest Services Supervisor:

Guest Service Supervisor is a partial role of front office management where you will be responsible for supervising guest services, ensuring high-quality customer service, and addressing guest concerns or issues.

Hospitality Manager:

With experience and knowledge, you can expand your career into broader hospitality management roles, where you could oversee various aspects of a hotel or hospitality establishment, such as rooms division, events, or even the entire property.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator:

With experience in accounting and billing tasks as a front office professional, you can also switch and explore roles where you can promote the business, attract new clients, and maintain positive relationships with existing clients.


After Front Office Diploma you can specialize in providing personalized services to guests, offering recommendations, and assisting with various arrangements. This role often requires excellent customer service and communication skills.

Event Coordinator:

On developing enough knowledge and event management skills with your experience in front office operations, you could pursue a career as an event coordinator, planning and executing events for the hotel or hospitality business.

Customer Service Representative:

Apply your front office skills in other industries, such as retail or corporate settings, where customer service and communication skills are highly valued.

Administrative Assistant or Office Manager:

With your front office diploma you can transition into roles that involve general office management and administrative tasks, leveraging your organizational and communication skills.

Travel Agent:

With your knowledge in tourism and travel management gained through your front office diploma, you might consider a career as a travel agent, helping clients plan and book their trips.


With all your educational knowledge and practical experience, you can choose to establish your own business in the hospitality or service industry, such as a small boutique hotel, bed and breakfast, or travel consultancy.

All these career paths after a front office diploma are worth taking up as they have a great career growth graph in the upcoming years.


Front office diploma holds remarkable career potential in the hotel and hospitality industry and many other businesses. So, it would be a wiser choice to take up a diploma in front office at the earliest to enjoy a great career in the future.


The major career path of the front office is in the hotel and hospitality industry and tourism industry.
Front Office Diploma is a 1-year diploma program that educates and trains students in the various front office operations.
Front office services as a career holds a great career value where in one will be involved in various front office operations such as reservation, customer service, reception, etc.
The average salary of front office in hotel management is around INR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA.