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Diploma in Front Office

Exploring the Curriculum of a Diploma in Front Office

From small start-ups to well-established companies, every business entity will have an exclusive spot for the front office. Do you know why?

“First impression is the best impression”. Going with the words, the front office is the first facet encountered in any business that has the convincing authority to attract more clients and customers. Statistics state that around 76% of business establishments possess a front office team for the well-being of their business.

Do you wanna take this influencing job space as your career? If yes, then it is time for you to know about the Diploma in Front Office which will be your entry point into the front office wing of the business world.

Fundamental Things to know about the course:

The diploma in Front Office course is a 1-year course that offers exclusive training in various aspects of front office operations such as guest handling, hospitality management, customer service, etc that are considered vital for the successful establishment of company-consumer relationships.

This course is offered at a remarkable standard at our college, Dangayach School of Hotel Management. Here are further details of the course, Diploma in Front Office.

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Diploma in Front Office at Dangayach School of Hotel Management are as follows:

  • Candidates applying should be of Indian origin.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 at any recognised educational institution.

Admission Procedure:

Admission to the Diploma in Front Office at Dangayach School of Hotel Management is offered based on the candidates’ score of 10+2.

Course Fee:

The course fee for the Diploma in Front Office course at Dangayach School of Hotel Management is INR 50,000 which is a one-time fee for the 1-year course.

Let us now get to know what the curriculum of the Diploma in Front Office holds for students.

Insight into the Curriculum of a Diploma in Front Office Course:

The curriculum of the Diploma in Front Office is designed by industrial experts to educate and train students in all the possible aspects of the front office for a bright and strong career in the business world. Here is a clear idea of the subjects of the Diploma in Front Office Management syllabus.

Basics of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry:

The hotel and hospitality industry are the major job grounds for Front Office professionals and so this subject introduces students to fundamental aspects and expectations of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Preparation for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector:

The parallel partner of the hospitality industry is the tourism sector which involves a great customer pool for the hotel industry. This subject will help students understand their role as front-office executives in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Front Office Roles and Responsibilities:

This subject is a core subject that imparts knowledge of the fundamental roles and responsibilities of the front office executive for the healthy running of the business.


As already mentioned, the major workspace for front-office professionals is the hotel and hospitality industry. So, one of the major agendas of this industry is the reservation segment for guests such as rooms, banquets, etc. Students pursuing a Diploma in Front Office are trained on various aspects of reservation.


Reception is the fundamental factor of the front office which involves greeting guests and customers, ensuring their comfort, facilitating their needs, etc. Students are educated in this facet via an individual subject.

Accounts and Cash Billing:

Accounts and cash billing also fall under the scope of front office operations as the executives in the front office are subject to cash collection from customers and are responsible for providing relevant bill copies. So, students are trained on the accounts management facet in a diploma in front office course.

Business Communication:

Business Communication subject in the Diploma in Front Office is considered mandatory as front office executives are involved in major customer convincing conversations wherein they have to explain their services, benefits, and much more to make rope in customers for their business.

Business Communication also deals with negotiation skills which are involved in critical conditions.

Computer Applications:

Computer Applications knowledge is essential for front office operations as in today’s digital world major aspects of the front office such as reservation, booking, event management, accounts, cash billing, and many more have turned digital. So, students pursuing a Diploma in Front Office are educated with essential computer application skills.

Customer Care Services and Guest Care:

Front Office personnel are the first exposed to customers in the business establishment so they must be trained in customer care services such as welcoming customers, meeting customer needs, etc.

Hotels and City Postal Regulations:

Forehand to placements, students pursuing a Diploma in Front Office are imparted with knowledge about the hotel and city postal regulations to meet the legal conditions for better customer service.

On the whole, the curriculum of front office diploma courses is designed to meet all the requirements for diploma in front office management.

Scope of Front Office Course:

Front Office professionals are hired in a wide range of business facets, but majorly in the hospitality industry to provide excellent customer service.

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Take a look at the graph depicting the major employment sides for front office professionals. The hotels and resorts sector is the dominant employment site for front-office executives.

Front office professionals are hired for decent pay scales ranging from INR 3 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA in the fresher stage. Further on with experience, the salary scale goes up to INR 7-8 LPA in various industries.


Exploring the curriculum of the Diploma in Front Office helps understand the crucial role of front office operations in various industries. Also, we get to know the better job scope for front office professionals. Taking up this course will be a welcoming factor for a career in the hotel, hospitality, and tourism industry.


It is important to learn front office management as it holds a crucial role in pulling in customers and establishing reputed customer relationships for business establishments.
The important part of the front office includes reception, reservations, customer service and guest care, account and cash billing, and maintenance.
One can learn front office management by pursuing professional courses such as the Diploma in Front Office that is offered in reputed management colleges in India.
Front desk staff are supposed to work in a real-time environment on the front end side and it requires practical skills. So, training is considered essential for front desk staff.