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Graduation Courses in Hotel Management at DSHM Jaipur

About Graduation Courses in Hotel Management

Graduation in hotel management opens doors to a dynamic and rewarding career in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Our rigorous curriculum, developed for Hotel management courses after 12th, equips you with the theoretical foundations and practical know-how necessary to excel in various hotel management disciplines. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical experience, you'll gain expertise in areas like front office operations, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and event management.

Furthermore, our industry-focused approach emphasizes hands-on learning through internships and real-world projects. This allows you to gain valuable experience and build a strong network within the hospitality industry, giving you a competitive edge upon graduation.

Our Graduation Courses in Hotel Management

At DSHM, students will get to see various graduation courses including graduation in hotel management after 12th. with a rich course curriculum. Our Graduation courses provide intense knowledge of your chosen field.

graduation in hotel management
Eligibility: 12th & Above

B.VOC / Bachelor in Hotel Management

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Duration : 3 years

graduation in hotel management
Eligibility: 12th & Above

BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

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Duration : 3 years

Why Study Graduation in Hotel Management at DSHM

A Graduation in Hotel Management degree at DSHM Jaipur could be the perfect launchpad for a career in hospitality. Here's why:

Industry-Ready Skills & Knowledge:

Our programs, BVoc in Hotel Management and BSc in Hospitality & Hotel Administration are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge sought after by top hotel chains and industry leaders. Our curriculum goes beyond theory, incorporating practical training, internships, and guest service simulations to ensure you graduate ready to hit the ground running.

Experienced Faculty & Mentorship:

Learn from renowned professors with extensive industry experience who share their insights and guide you throughout your journey. Our small class sizes foster personalized attention and mentorship, allowing you to ask questions, receive feedback, and gain valuable career advice.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Resources:

DSHM boasts modern facilities like mock-up hotel rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and specialized labs for practical training. You'll have access to the latest technology and resources to enhance your learning experience and prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Strong Industry Connections & Placements:

We own and have established partnerships with leading hotels and hospitality organizations across India and internationally. This network opens doors to internship opportunities, industry exposure, and ultimately, placement assistance in your dream job.

Hands-On Learning:

DSHM doesn't just preach; we practice! Our programs integrate extensive internships and projects. You'll hone your operational skills, develop guest service excellence, and gain real-world confidence before stepping into your dream job.

Learn Under Hotel Environment:

Situated within the Jaipur Marriott, DSHM offers unparalleled access to the dynamic world of guest service, housekeeping, food & beverage, and more. Witness real-world operations firsthand, gaining insights that traditional classrooms can't match.

Learn & Earn:

DSHM's unique "earn while you learn" program allows you to gain valuable industry experience while offsetting your education costs. Work part-time in our hotel premises, developing practical skills and earning an income simultaneously. It's a win-win: gain financial independence, build your resume, and get a head start in your dream career.

Career Prospects after Completing Graduation in Hotel Management

Graduating with a degree in Hotel Management opens up a myriad of exciting career opportunities in the vibrant hospitality industry. With a blend of practical skills, managerial expertise, and a passion for customer service, graduates in Hotel Management are well-equipped to thrive in diverse roles across various sectors of the hospitality field.

1. Hotel Operations Management:

Hotel Management graduates often find themselves in key operational roles within hotels and resorts. These positions involve overseeing daily operations, managing staff, ensuring guest satisfaction, and maintaining high service standards. Graduates can start as management trainees and work their way up to positions like Front Office Manager, Housekeeping Manager, or Food and Beverage Manager.

2. Event Management:

Event management is another promising career path for Hotel Management graduates. They can specialize in planning and executing corporate events, weddings, conferences, and other social gatherings. With their organizational skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of hospitality protocols, graduates can thrive as event planners, coordinators, or banquet managers.

3. Food and Beverage Management:

For those passionate about culinary arts and hospitality, a career in food and beverage management is an excellent fit. Hotel Management graduates can work in restaurants, cafes, bars, and catering companies, overseeing menu planning, food preparation, service quality, and customer satisfaction. Roles such as Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, or Catering Manager offer opportunities for growth and creativity.

4. Tourism and Travel Management:

With a deep understanding of hospitality principles and customer service, Hotel Management graduates are well-suited for roles in tourism and travel management. They can work for travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, and destination management companies, designing travel packages, coordinating logistics, and providing exceptional experiences for travellers.

5. Hospitality Consulting:

Some graduates choose to venture into hospitality consulting, offering expertise to hotels, restaurants, and hospitality businesses. They provide strategic advice on improving operations, enhancing guest experiences, maximizing revenue, and staying competitive in the market. Hospitality consultants often work independently or as part of consulting firms, leveraging their industry insights and analytical skills.

6. Entrepreneurship:

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, Hotel Management opens doors to start their ventures in the hospitality industry. Graduates can establish boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, speciality restaurants, or catering businesses, bringing their unique vision and passion for hospitality to life. Entrepreneurship offers the freedom to innovate, create memorable experiences, and make a mark in the competitive landscape.

Top Recruiters

Jobs after Graduation in Hotel Management:

Job Title Average Salary (₹ per annum)
Front Office Associate 2.5-3.5 Lakhs
Housekeeping Supervisor 2.8-4 Lakhs
Food & Beverage Service Associate 2.3-3.2 Lakhs
Event Coordinator 3-4 Lakhs
Marketing Executive 3.5-4.5 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria for Graduation in Hotel Management

  • 10+2 passed from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks (across all subjects)
  • Upper age limit of 25 years
  • Required cut-off score in hotel management entrance exams like NCHMCT JEE
  • Management quota seats also available. Click here  for more details

Graduation in Hotel Management Course Subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Event Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Relations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Marketing and Sales in Hospitality
  • Customer Service and Communication Skills
  • Front Office Operations
  • Food Production
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Travel Management
  • Financial Management in Hospitality
  • Soft Skills

How to apply for Graduation Courses @DSHM?

To apply for any graduation course in hotel management at the Dangayach School of Hotel Management, students need to apply online. DSHM accepts online applications which you can get on their website. To apply for the course, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1:Fill out the Basic Registration form as given on the Left Side of the Apply Now page. On completion, you will receive the Username and Password on your registered mobile number via SMS.
  • Step 2: Use the allocated Username / Registration ID and Password to fill up the online application form.
  • Step 3:Fill in the Personal Details, Academic Details, Other Details etc. carefully. Once filled details cannot be modified after submission.
  • Step 4:Preview and take a printout of your Application Form.
  • Step 5:Step 5: To modify details and other queries please write to us on [email protected] or call on +91-9799393592

FAQs on Graduation in Hotel Management

A degree in Hotel Management, typically a BSc in hospitality and hotel administration or BVoc in Hotel Management, is considered ideal for pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.
Yes, you can pursue a graduation in hotel management after completing 12th grade.
BSc Hotel Management programs usually span three, depending on the specific curriculum.
The required percentage for admission to graduation in hotel management courses after 12th grade is typically, a minimum aggregate percentage ranging from 50% to 60% is required, along with proficiency in English.
To become a Hotel Manager, you typically need a degree in Hotel Management or a related field, along with relevant work experience in the hospitality industry.
Graduation in hotel management courses include a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration and a BVoc in Hotel Management.
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