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food and beverage management courses in India

Food and beverage management courses cover most of all aspects of food production. It deals with finance, managing food production and beverage-related operations, food safety, guest service, etc. Even housekeeping services fall in this category. In common food and beverage, management is needed in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, hospitals, etc.

What is food and beverage management courses in India?

There are many certificate courses in food and beverage service in India; This certificate provides the professional development foundation for building a good career in Food and Beverage department. To complete a certificate course in food and beverage service will take six months or more. If you are interested in this course, you can visit
According to a report that the Confederation of Indian Industry compiled (CII) and Grant Thornton, it is anticipated that India will move up the ranks to become the fifth-biggest consumer market in the world by the year 2025.


What is a food and beverage management course?

Food and beverage management
Food and beverage management is the process of managing all related aspects of the food service industry. It is mainly done in hotels, restaurants, and in all other related places for managing food service operations.


Food and beverage management course
A food and beverage management course will teach an individual the steps to assist in the food industry and manage the hospitality of the customers. After completing this course, they will be able to manage all the above-mentioned services.


Basic requirements
To become eligible for a food and beverage management course, an individual should meet all the following requirements.
• The candidates must have passed 12th with a minimum score of 45% to 60%. For certain diploma courses, the 10th is the minimum qualification.
• They must have chosen English as their main subject.


Other related things to know
• Those who have more experience with the food industry will be preferred first for admissions.
• For candidates with pleasant personalities, good communication, and management skills, this is the best career.



Skills required in food and beverage management course

• Communication skills
• Multitasking skills
• Decision-making skills
• Organizational skills
• Leadership skills
Other skills include creativity, the ability to work for a long time, confidence, discipline, etc.


Types of food and beverage management courses

There are different types of food and beverage management courses based on the different aspects of the food industry. Some of the common courses are
• BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
Course duration: 4 years
Average course fee: Rs 3.5 lakhs
• BSc in Food Science and Nutrition
Course duration: 3 years
Average course fee: Rs 2,000 to 18,000 per month
• Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
Course duration: 4 years
Average course fee: Rs 5 lakhs per year
• B. VOC in Hotel Management
Course duration: 3 years
Average course fee: Rs 1 lakh


Diploma courses

• Diploma in Front Office
Course duration: 6 months to 2 years
Average course fee: Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakhs


•Diploma in Housekeeping
Course duration: 36 weeks + 24 weeks of industrial training
Average course fee: Rs 15,000 to Rs 1.5 lakhs


•Diploma in food and beverage service
Course duration: 6 months to 1 year
Average course fee: Rs 50,00 to Rs 1 lakhs


How to select the best hotel management college in Rajasthan?

It is a complicated task to choose the best college for a certificate course in food and beverage service. Even though there are lots of hotel management college in Rajasthan, not all of them provide good facilities for teaching. Some of the important factors for choosing a hotel management college are the follows.


• Check the academic performance

The primary thing to do before choosing a college is to check its academic performance. Academic performance includes all the achievements of the college in the last few years. Ranks are given to all colleges based on their efficiency and performance. Awards are given to those colleges which excel in their performance. So check such details about ranks and awards won before visiting the college for placements.


• The reputation of the college

The reputation of a college can be based on different factors. Some colleges will have good academic performance and results, while others can have a reputation regarding the good behavior of teachers, staff, and students. College reviews also fall in this category; with lots of good reviews, a college can gain a reputation. Make sure to check all these before joining a college.



Affordability is another important thing to be considered. Not all people will be able to afford high annual fees. Checking the fee structure is the next thing to do after selecting a college. It includes an annual fee along with extra charges required. An individual will be able to know the total expense that is required by viewing the fee structure.


• Campus recruitment and placements

The ultimate goal of every candidate is to get employment in a good organization. So check for colleges that have a decent placement record. You can also find out more about the companies that will provide campus placements in that college. It is better to know more about the campus placements by talking to older students of that college.


•College facilities

While selecting the colleges, you should check upon the different facilities available in the college. For better learning, good facilities are needed. A good hotel management college will have the best kitchens and dining facilities.
If you wish to take food and beverage management courses, then DSHM is the best choice. It is one of the best hotel management colleges in Jaipur.



There are different certificate course in food and beverage service in India. Many colleges are providing certification for this program. This article contains most of all the details about food and beverage management courses. This article also mentions the basic things required to find the best college to complete this course.


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