Our Faculties

We have the Finest Faculties

At DSHM, we value our most invaluable resource our faculty. Utmost care is taken in the recruitment of Faculty from the best of the Talent available. The Faculty are not just Academically Qualified to teach but they also enrich the knowledge,enhance the skills of the students & generate an enthusiasm for learning.

Ms. Jyoti Arora

Principal & HOD Accommodation and Operation

Ms. Payal Bhatia

Admin Head




Mr. Soyal Mansuri

Faculty Food Production

Ms. Ankita Somani

Personality Development Coach




Mr. Shubham Arora

Senior Admission Counsellor




Mr. Deepak C Sekhar

Front Office Faculty




Mr. Garvit Bhardwaj

Room Division Faculty




Manisha Rathore

Academic Counsellor




Ms. Monishka Tiksali

Aesthetics Associate




Mr. Akhil Dembla

Sr. Academic Counsellor




Mr. Kapil Harwani 

French Faculty




Ms. Divyabha Mathew

Faculty Housekeeping




Ms. Princy Rajan

Academic Head




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