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degree in hotel management courses in india

Degree in Hotel Management Courses in India

Hotel Management is a very exciting field to pursue your career. It is very popular nowadays among students. Having a degree in hotel management courses can be very fruitful for your career, and your future in Hotel Management will have a global impact. It benefits many industries worldwide, including the tourism and hospitality industry. As people nowadays love travelling and so the hospitality industry is growing, there is a great potential for your future.
Not only does hotel management have a global impact, but also this field has seen an increase in India also. The emergence of the hotel management industry as a whole, including the tourism and hospitality industry in India, increased the demand for professionals in hotel management courses. To get a degree in hotel management courses in India, you can check out some really good hotel management colleges in Rajasthan.
The field of hotel management is vast. But before applying for a degree in hotel management, you must know about the eligibility requirements for this field. You must also know about the scope and benefits required for the hotel management industry. And lastly, you will know about the types of courses in hotel management.

Hotel management- Scope in India

You can take your career in a whole new direction with the help of various hotel management courses like a diploma in the front office or other graduation in hotel management courses.
There are many jobs in the primary field of this industry, like fast food chains, hotels, motels, restaurants, and resorts. More and more hotel industry businesses are expanding, which gave rise to the expansion of demand in the field. And as such, this generation is taking more interest in the hotel management industry.
A country like India is a very popular and famous tourist destination. And this gave rise to the hotel, restaurant, and resort industry. In short, the hospitality industry. This rapid expansion of business needs professionals and, as such, created many job vacancies.
Even outside India, the situation is likely to be the same. Most countries have a very profitable hospitality and tourism industry, and this gives the candidates pursuing hotel management courses plenty of opportunities and scope. As you know about the vast scope of hotel management courses, you must know about the benefits of the hotel management course.

Benefits of Hotel management courses

  • High Packages- You will get a high annual package according to your job role.
  • Job role- There are various job roles available in this industry. So it will become easy for you to choose a particular job role based on your interests.
  • Placement- You can even get the chance of job placement abroad.
  • Career growth- you can start from an entry-level job and get high-level posts with your skills and experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Hotel Management courses in India

Course Type Eligibility Criteria
Diploma course The eligibility criteria for pursuing a diploma course in hotel management is candidates must have completed their 12th examination.
PG course To pursue a PG diploma course, candidates must have graduated from a recognised university in the hotel management course.
Bachelor in Hotel Management The eligibility criteria to pursue a bachelor's degree in hotel management is that the candidates must have completed their 12th examination from a recognized board.
Master's degree in hotel management For pursuing a master's degree course in hotel management, the candidates must have completed a Bachelor's degree in hotel management. The minimum percentage of the bachelor's degree must be 50%.

To fulfill the eligibility criteria for a degree in hotel management courses is not so tough. If you are willing to pursue your career in this field, you can go through some best hotel management courses in Jaipur.

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Types of Hotel Management Courses

There are three different types of options available for pursuing a hotel management course. Let's discuss it in detail so that you can have a better understanding of these courses.

Diploma course in Hotel Management

To give a kick-start to your career at an early age, you can pursue a diploma course in hotel management. A diploma course takes 1-2 years. The list of diploma courses in hotel management is as follows:

Graduation in Hotel Management

Having a graduation degree in hotel management can open up lots of opportunities for you in the field of hotel management, hospitality, and tourism industry. The list of Bachelor's degree or graduate programs in hotel management are:

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • BBA in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Masters in Hotel Management

After you complete your bachelor's degree, you can pursue a master's degree program in Hotel Management. It can boost your job prospects. It includes various specialized courses on housekeeping, marketing, catering, hospitality, finance, etc.

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There is a range of courses available in the field of hotel management. To pursue a career in the hotel management industry, you must also look for the best and most reputed academic institution. You must choose an institution which will provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge to you. To secure your career and future, you can check out some of the best hotel management colleges in Jaipur.
Get the best degree in hotel management courses, which is suitable for you so you can enjoy your work.