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Technique in Bakery & Confectionery

Explorative learning and enjoying the career opted for happens in very few fields and one such field is the baking field of the food industry. On the flip side, the baking industry is one of the promising industries on a global level with its product market value at USD 497.5 billion by 2022. This industry is one of the super-expanding industries in the world today.

Wanna establish your career in this industry? Then take up a bakery and confectionery course at Dangayach School of Hotel Management and learn exclusive baking techniques.

Certificate course in Bakery and Confectionery at Dangayach School of Hotel Management

Baking is an art that is a combination of precision and patience. Exploring the science behind baking is the ultimate agenda behind the art of baking. Certificate in Bakery and Confectionery course is the best bakery course in India that will turn you into a professional baker with top-notch baking skills imparted by industrial experts.

Here are the details on the bakery and confectionery course.

Course Description

The Bakery and Confectionery course is a 1-year certificate course offered for students interested in a baking career. This is the best bakery course in Jaipur that offers both theoretical and practical training in the field of baking.

This course inculcates concepts of baking in a hierarchical way along with insight into the science behind baking, so that students can create their signature baked products.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Candidates who have completed 1oth grade with a passing score at any recognised educational institution are eligible to pursue a bakery and confectionery course.

Admission to the hotel management bakery course at Dangayach School of Hotel Management is provided considering the passing score of the candidate.


The bakery and confectionery course syllabus is designed by industrial experts in the culinary industry with a motive to provide comprehensive education on baking aspects and confectionery aspects.

The core subjects of the bakery and confectionery course are as follows.

  • Bakery
  • Confectionery
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Food costing
  • Commodities

Practical sessions are offered for bakery, confectionery, food library and computer awareness.

Varies teaching approaches such as practical sessions, workshops, etc are incorporated in bakery and confectionery course for students to equip baking skills with precision.

Students are involved in a wide range of projects for live learning experience and some of the common projects include bread-making plants, caking gel innovations, etc.

Now, let us explore the techniques you’ll learn in the bakery and confectionery course.

Techniques that are taught in bakery and confectionery course

Baking is a large ocean that has a wide variety of techniques that will produce a great level of products. Here are the variety of techniques that you will learn in pursuing a bakery and confectionery course.

Bread Baking Techniques

Bread is a staple food that is baked out of a variety of flours in a variety of techniques. Different types of bread involve different baking preparations and techniques. The bakery and confectionery course will introduce you to a wide range of bread-baking techniques.

Some of the most common breads that are trained to bake in this course include:

  • White bread
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • French Baguette
  • Ciabatta, etc.

Pastry Techniques

Pastries are dough-based baked foods that are usually salted or sweetened. There is a wide range of pastries such as puff pastry, croissants, shortcrust pastry, Brioche, Palmier, etc. Each of these pastries requires specific baking instructions and all this knowledge is incorporated into the bakery and confectionery course.

This course will teach all essential aspects of pastry such as:

  • Dough preparation
  • Rolling and shaping
  • Blind baking
  • Crimping and sealing
  • Piping
  • Caramelisation
  • Layering
  • Meringue techniques, etc.

Cake Baking Techniques

Cakes are considered a baked elixir among the foodie community and baking cakes involves elongated processes which are taught in the bakery and confectionery course.

Cake baking techniques that are taught in this course are as follows.

  • Ingredients measurement
  • Creaming
  • Folding and mixing
  • Lining cake pans
  • Cake Levelling
  • Baking temperature and timing
  • Syrup making
  • Crumb Coating
  • Stacking and Layering
  • Icing
  • Piping
  • Fondant work
  • Edible Image Printing
  • Cake carving
  • Airbrushing

Cookies and Biscuits Techniques

Cookies and biscuits are hardcore bakery products compared to cakes, pastries, etc that require different mixing and baking practices.

The baking and confectionery course teaches how to mix cookie dough, temperature settings of dough, etc.

Chocolate Work Techniques

Chocolate work is part of the cake preparation process yet it involves different procedures. In the baking and confectionery course, students will be taught how to temper chocolates, create chocolate ganache and truffle, make moulded chocolates, etc.

Candy and Confectionery Techniques

Making candy and confectioneries is entirely different from baking techniques. A huge range of candy and confectionery techniques are taught in bakery and confectionery course.

Some of the techniques include:

  • Caramelisation
  • Chocolate Tempering
  • Moulding and Shaping
  • Pulling sugar
  • Fondant Making
  • Hard candy making

Plating and Presentation Techniques

Beyond culinary techniques, the bakery and confectionery course teaches plating and presentation techniques for cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, desserts, etc.

You will be taught garnishing techniques using fruits, sauces and edible flowers. You will learn to make intricate patterns and designs on cakes and pastries.

In addition, students will be educated on hygiene and sanitation practices while baking and serving foods in the bakery and confectionery course.

With this wide range of techniques and practices, you can become a professional baker and confectionery artist within a year's duration.


On the whole, 1-year bakery and confectionery course metamorphoses students into professional bakers and confectionery artists. Learning baking techniques will help you demonstrate your creativity on the food plates which will earn you credits. Equip the art of baking with a bakery and confectionery course, and create a great career in the baking industry.

You can also opt for higher studies like MBA or Master’s in hotel management courses after graduation to enhance your career prospects. Hence, it can be said that these courses in hotel management can open up many opportunities for you in India as well as abroad.


One will learn a wide range of baking techniques such as bread baking, pastry baking, cake baking, cookie baking and plating techniques in a baking course.
  • Bread baking Techniques
  • Pastry baking Techniques
  • Cake baking Techniques
  • Cookie baking Techniques
Basic techniques of pastry involve dough preparation, rolling and shaping, piping, layering, blind baking, etc.
Yes, baking can be a good career choice as the baked products industry is expected to grow to a global market value of USD 590.54 billion by 2028 showing great career scope.