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Diploma in Food Production

Duration: 1 Year Eligibility: 10th & Above

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About Course

To get into the hotel and travel industry, many high school students and even graduate students opt for a diploma in food production course. This diploma course holds excellent potential for offering great career opportunities to aspirants. Best Diploma in Food Production colleges have a significant number of enrolled students as the course has a rich curriculum and placement opportunities.

In India, the pursuit of culinary excellence and the art of gastronomy are gaining increasing recognition and importance, making the Diploma in Food Production a highly sought-after and rewarding educational pathway. This program is designed to provide aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts with a comprehensive foundation in the intricacies of food production, equipping them with the knowledge and practical skills required to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of culinary arts.

What is a Diploma in Food Production?

A diploma in Food Production is a short-term course that typically takes 6-12 months to complete. The duration of the program may vary depending on colleges or universities. At DSHM Jaipur, you will find a diploma in Food Production course, which prepares you for all knowledge and skills required for the food production industry.

Course Highlights

  • Course Duration 1-year
  • Minimum Requirement 10th or 12th Pass
  • Course Fee Check Here
  • Higher Education Bachelor of Hotel Management

Diploma in Food Production Course Curriculum

DSHM Jaipur works on an advanced food production course curriculum that helps students prepare to tackle global food-making challenges. Diploma programs in food production are often hands-on and may include practical training in a real kitchen environment.

Here is the tabular representation of the course curriculum for your reference:

Theory Practical
Cookery Cookery
Larder Larder
Hygiene & Sanitation Computer Awareness
Nutrition Library
Commodities -
Food Costing -

Diploma in Food Production Scope

There is a massive demand for skilled and trained candidates in the food and hospitality industry at a global scale. If you have completed your diploma in food production from DSHM, one of the best Diploma in Food Production Colleges in Jaipur, you will get great scope after completion of your diploma course. Students are well-prepared for entry-level positions in the food and hospitality industry, such as line cooks, prep chefs, or kitchen assistants.

Job Profile Average Salary
Food Technologist INR 4,10,222
Food Quality Assurance Manager INR 6,68,836
Front Line Executive INR 2,00,000
Production Supervisor INR 2,50,000
Food Processor INR 6,50,000
Kitchen Chef INR 2,00,000
Executive Chef INR 4,20,000

Diploma in Food Production Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a diploma in food production course may vary from college to college. However, some standard eligibility criteria are the same for every diploma in food production colleges.

  • Candidates who have appeared/passed the 10th examination of CBSE, ICSE, or equivalent accreditation.
  • 12th pass-out students can also apply for the diploma in food production colleges
  • No minimum percentage of marks is required for a diploma in food production course

Admission Process At One of the Best Colleges for Diploma in Food Production

Once you fulfil all the basic eligibility criteria, you need to follow the admission process of the best colleges for a diploma in food production. There is no such hard & fast rule for taking admission to a diploma in food production course.

Step 1: Go to the official website of DSHM, Jaipur
Step 2: Enter the Connect Page.
Step 3: Fill in the application form.
Step 4: Pay the application fee and submit the form.

Our DSHM team will contact you for further admission proceedings.

Required Skill Set for Diploma in Food Production

To become successful in this field, students need to have certain skills. The required skill set for this program may vary depending on the specific institution and course curriculum. Here are the following skill sets that you must hold for a diploma in food production:

  • Culinary Skills
  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Menu Planning
  • Food Presentation
  • Ingredient Knowledge
  • Kitchen Management
  • Culinary Techniques
  • Nutrition
  • Baking and Pastry Skills
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Management Skills

Career after Diploma in Food Production

After completing your course from the best colleges for a diploma in food production, you have various career options in the culinary and food service industry. A diploma in Food Production provides the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in food production and related fields. Look at the following career path after completing your diploma in food production:-

  • Chef:With this diploma, you can pursue a career as a chef. You can work in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, and more.
  • Sous Chef:It is another popular job after completing this diploma program. A sous chef is the second-in-command in a kitchen and assists the head chef in managing the kitchen's daily operations.
  • Pastry Chef:Pastry chefs specialize in creating a wide range of baked goods, desserts, and pastries.
  • Food Production Manager: Food production managers oversee large-scale food production operations in facilities such as food processing plants, catering companies, and industrial kitchens.
  • Catering Manager: Catering managers coordinate and manage food service at events, weddings, conferences, and other gatherings.

Food Quality Assurance Specialist, Food Stylist, Food Research and Development (R&D), Food Entrepreneur, Food Critic or Blogger and Researcher or Consultant are some other notable career options after this diploma program.

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Yes, a diploma in food production is absolutely a worthy program to do in India. It can open doors to entry-level positions in restaurants, catering, and food service establishments. However, your career prospects may be enhanced with further education and experience.
A diploma in food production is a specialized educational program that provides training in various aspects of culinary arts and food preparation. It equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to work in the food and hospitality industry, including cooking techniques, kitchen management, and menu planning.
During the course, students will study various aspects of food processing, safety, and quality control. This includes techniques for food preparation, preservation, packaging, and distribution, as well as ensuring that food products meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations.
Food production is the fastest-growing industry in the world. It has countless career opportunities to offer which make it an ideal course of study. The starting salary of a food production diploma holder is around 3-4 LPA.
An example of food production is the cultivation of crops such as wheat, rice, and corn, as well as the raising of livestock like cattle, chickens, and pigs to provide food for human consumption. Food production encompasses various processes, from farming and harvesting to processing and distribution.
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