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5 Things to Check Before Joining a Hotel Management College for Graduation

Want to pursue a career in hotel management? If so, choosing the best college to graduate from is a crucial first step in establishing your hotel management profession. Moreover, attending the best hotel management colleges can equip you with the required skills and information, especially when the hospitality industry in India is growing at a CAGR of 4.73% between 2024 and 2029.

For your understanding, we will highlight 5 essential aspects in this blog, which you can consider before joining one of the hotel management colleges for your graduation in India.

How to Make a Hotel Management Career?

To successfully secure a hotel management career, you must register for a relevant study plan at the hotel management colleges. Furthermore, you can get access to potential hotel management career prospects during a period when the Indian hotel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.49% shortly.

employment opportunities for front office professionals

And, to help you yield the best results, Dangayach School of Hotel Management offers different hotel management courses. For a better overview of the courses, please refer to the below table:

Course Name Course Duration Minimum Academic Requirement
Diploma in Hospitality and Hotel Management 1 year 10th & Above
B.Voc in Hotel Management 3 years 12th & Above
MBA in Hotel Management 2 years Bachelor's Degree

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What Should You Consider While Selecting a Hotel Management College?

Besides selecting an appropriate hotel management course, you should choose the appropriate college for a fruitful career. To ensure that you choose a leading hotel management college, keep in mind the following key parameters:

Accreditation and Affiliation

First and foremost, you must verify a hotel management college's accreditation with a reputable body before enrolling. A college's accreditation will mostly increase the value of your degree, and guarantee that it satisfies certain quality requirements. And, to find possible hotel management internships, you should search for connections with well-known hotel brands in addition to accreditation. You can also get important industry exposure, internships, and networking opportunities by joining associations with well-known hotel brands or professional bodies.

Faculty and Industry Experts

Your learning process is greatly influenced by the experience and education of the faculty. Hence, you must look into the faculty members' credentials, backgrounds in the business, and performance histories. Finding instructors who have relevant teaching experience or who have worked in the hotel sector is also essential if you want to acquire the best hotel management industrial training. Thus, you must ensure that the college provides you with industry-specific workshops or invites professional guest speakers. Above all, you must consider the student-to-faculty ratio, as this is crucial for faculty-student engagement.

Curriculum and Specialisations

To get the best overview, you must assess the college's programmes, and curricula. However, after you meet the hotel management eligibility, your curriculum should cover crucial areas like housekeeping, hotel marketing, food and beverage management, and front office operations. You also need to search for specific courses or concentrations in fields that you are interested in, including culinary arts, hotel administration, or event management.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Your educational experience is greatly impacted by infrastructure and facilities. This means that you should confirm whether the college of your choice offers training kitchens, labs, housekeeping mock-ups, and a functional front office area. You will also have access to pertinent books, trade journals, internet databases, and research repositories as part of the prospective hotel management college facilities. As a result, you must seek universities that work with lodging facilities. Through these relationships, you will also have the chance to work in real-world situations and obtain practical experience while pursuing your studies.

Placement and Alumni Network

Additionally, you must learn about the college's placement procedure, industry partnerships, and reputable recruiters who visit the university to land a hotel management internship abroad or a job. Your chances of landing a decent job after graduation can usually be greatly increased by having an active placement cell, career counselling services, and alumni assistance. To achieve the greatest results, you must get in touch with college alumni to learn about their professional experiences as well as their time there.

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Career Prospects in Hotel Management

Following your studies from the hotel management colleges in India, you can secure potential job options in multiple sectors. With India being one of the most popular travel destinations, you can also find the government to encourage and invest in the development of the hospitality and travel sector.

In light of the above circumstances, you can secure the following hotel management job opportunities-

  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Resort Manager
  • Chief Sommelier
employment opportunities for front office professionals

To Summarise

We hope that after reading this blog, you will see how important it is to select the best hotel management college to launch a lucrative career in India's thriving hospitality sector. Through careful consideration of the variables covered here, you can choose among the best hotel management colleges for yourself. Above all, selecting the ideal college will meet your needs in the fast-paced Indian hospitality industry.


You will benefit from having some experience in the hospitality industry or similar professions before enrolling in any of the hotel management colleges.
In the majority of cases, you need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply for a job in hotel management. Perhaps having relevant volunteer or employment experience can be advantageous for you.
You must reread fundamental business and hospitality ideas, hone your time management techniques, and become familiar with the exam format to be ready for the entrance exam of hotel management colleges.
Depending on how well-prepared and knowledgeable you are about the subject, the hotel management exam can vary in complexity. Nevertheless, by preparing well, you’ll find it to be manageable.