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BVoc in hotel management

What Is Hotel Management?

At present, the world is connected now virtually with the help of the internet. Great communication on land, sea, and air encourages people to travel more than ever. Thus skilled staff is required in the hospitality and tourism industry. Many young people want to engage in this industry and hotels, restaurants need proficient staff. In this scenario, a degree in B.voc in hotel management helps candidates to make their future in this field. There are numerous courses present in the market but you need to choose the right place and course for your career.

Hotel Management Courses

There are many degrees and diploma courses available in this field. But first, you need to select the right course according to your strength. After completing the course you can get a job in various fields like food sections, accounting, front office and so on.

BVOC in Hotel Management

This is the most popular bachelor's degree course in hotel management. This course is of 3 years duration. During this three years course, you will learn about food and beverages, business management, housekeeping, marketing, customer service, and many more. This is one of the most popular hotel management courses in Jaipur. This course gives you in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry and hospitality management.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure

You will need a minimum of 55% marks in your 12th standard in any stream. After selecting your college, go to their official website. There you will find an application form. Fill up the form and submit it with application fees.


This bachelor is of no without internships. So search for colleges that will provide you internships in hotels. The best way to get the knowledge is to work in a hotel. You will have some bad experiences but do not let that stop you. Focus on acquiring new information during that time and incorporate that into your learning. In the course of internships, it is also important to do your assignments regularly.

Job Prospective

After completing a bachelor's degree in hotel management you will find plenty of jobs in the hotel and travel industry. By completing this course you have gained skills and knowledge to work at a managing level in this industry. However, your degree expands your reach of job opportunities beyond the managing level. You can work in any section of food and beverages, the marketing sector of large hotel chains, manage customer services, and many more. Bvoc in hotel management ensures job opportunities in many industries apart from only hotels and restaurants. Many catering services in the airline industry need good hospitality knowledge. Food production industries need people with adequate knowledge in examining food quality. Cruise Ships and resorts in remote areas need staff with adequate hospitality knowledge. Apart from Bvoc, you can also go for a degree in hotel management courses. It is a one-year course and provides only adequate knowledge of the industry. It is also less expensive than the Bvoc course. There are also some diploma courses present in colleges in specific sections of hotel management. For instance, a diploma in food and beverage production, a diploma in food and beverage services, a diploma in housekeeping, etc. You will need one year to complete any of these diploma courses.

How to Choose the Right College?

Hotel management study is a practical based subject. The more you get on-the-job training the better your learning will be. Before enrolling in college make sure it is one of the UGC Approved. See the below-mentioned criteria in the college before starting your course there.

  • Skill-based study structure
  • Interactive classrooms
  • Academic-industry integration
  • Field trips
  • Assignments
  • Guest lectures
  • Tutorials

Also, see the reviews of former students. It will give you an honest idea of the teaching method of that institute. Remember gaining practical knowledge and experience during your course is the main criteria. So, choose a college that provides this at the optimum level.

Diploma Courses in Hotel Management

While there are many diploma courses available in this field, one of the most popular ones is Diploma in front office. In any hotel front office is the first place a customer sees and this connects customers directly to the hotel service. The staff and manager of the front office look after the service of customers getting into the hotel. They also make their stay comfortable and enjoyable at the hotel. This diploma course will provide you with all the sufficient skills to manage a front office perfectly.

Role of a Front Office Manager

They look after guests' comfort in the hotel during their stay. And also manage guest lists, check-in, check-out, etc. Their job role controls everyday hotel operations in a disciplined way. In some hotels, they also work as general managers, in which case their responsibility becomes greater.

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Different Ways to Get a Job as a Front Office Manager

You can choose a diploma course in front office management that will make you suitable for this job role. If you want to get in-depth knowledge in the hotel industry then go for a bachelor's course. That will also help you to get this job.

What will you Learn in the Course?

This course is a pathway for you to become a front office manager in the future. Diploma, as well as bachelor courses, ensure to give you the knowledge to get the job. However, most hotel chains want to hire candidates who have at least some educational knowledge regarding this role. In this course, you will get both classroom knowledge and on-job experience. The course included the following topics.

  • Basic knowledge in hotel and hospitality
  • Reservations
  • Cash billing
  • Tourism and hospitality preparation
  • Accounts
  • Customer service

There are also some other topics that you will learn in this course.

Course Criteria Details

Candidates must complete their 12 exams before applying. This is a one-year course and the fee is Rs. 40000.

Job Opportunities

After completing the course you can have a variety of job offers in the hotel industry. This is a vast area and has different sectors to work in. You can have a job as a hotel manager, account manager, front office manager, restaurant manager, etc. Even with a diploma degree, you can get a job with a starting salary of rs.90000 to rs.600000 annually.

The hotel industry is now a flourishing industry and has numerous job opportunities. So if you are interested in food, and customer services then you can take a course and set your career. However this industry needs proficient skills, so you will need a degree in hotel management courses to get a job. All you need is dedication and hard work to set your career in this field.